12 Night of Christmas blog by Sasoones Law Group in Los Angeles CaliforniaFor the 12 nights of Christmas this year, we’re highlighting cases that we’ve won and settled this year, in addition to made-up cases that are festive and fun. This year, Sasooness Law Group proudly marked a record-breaking period in gross revenue. We also hired a record number of new employees.

This year, we expanded on employee appreciation nights for our staff. We sang at karaoke, feasted over Thanksgiving, and are swimming to sea for the holiday party!

Enjoy these 12 nights of personal injury tales!

Night 1: Truck Driver Rear-End in Orange County- $400,000

On the first night of Christmas, a Gen-Z truck driver was texting their friends a Christmas Spotify playlist and rear-ended our client’s brand new Tesla.

Night 2: Slippery Ice Trip and Fall Against the City of Los Angeles- $2,5000,000

On the second night of Christmas, our plaintiff was so excited to come home and decorate her Christmas tree that she ran down the street and slipped on ice!

Night 3: Grocery Store Slip and Fall- $300,000

On the third night of Christmas, our client didn’t notice the spilled eggnog on the ground and had a nasty fall. The employees had been notified of the spillage, but failed to clean it in time.

Night 4: Left Turn Mishaps- $215,000

On the fourth night of Christmas, someone was blinded by the Hallmark movie ads and turning left, thus T-boning our client with his G Wagon.

Night 5: Hand Railing Failure in Church- $500,000

On the fifth night of Christmas, our client was at church and the hand railing crumbled. Our client was sent shooting down a flight of stairs in this trip and fall.

Night 6: Compensation Secured for Caroling Catastrophe at a Mall- $1,500,000

On the sixth night of Christmas, a group of carolers were hit by a crumbling ceiling.

Night 7: Holiday Party Food Poisoning- $300,000

On the seventh night of Christmas, a young couple suffered severe food poisoning from a cheery holiday party.

Night 8: Rainy Day on the 101- $250,000

On the eighth night of Christmas, a rainy day fell upon the city of Los Angeles. Naturally, people forgot how to drive. A Hyundai going 100 MPH slammed into a Prius, thus hitting four more cars. It was Black Friday and all were in a rush to go buy Christmas presents.

Night 9: Blowdrier on Fire in the 818- $3,000,000

On the ninth night of Christmas, we look at a popular hair drying appliance that ends up burning a house down. Our client left it on while going to a holiday party. .

Night 10: Uber Driver in Distress- $800,000

On the tenth night of Christmas, an Uber driver is hit by a distracted older man watching Love Actually on his phone. This workers comp case was the highest of the year.

Night 11: Biking Accident Turned Brain Injury- 2,300,000

On the eleventh night of Christmas, our client suffered brain damage from a biking accident in San Luis Obispo. It was night time and the Christmas lights were not enough to shine light on the biker.

Day 12: Public Bus Merges into Our Client

On the final night of Christmas, a public bus with a Christmas movie ad hit our client going 40MPH.

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