Intake Specialist

Ody Gonzales

About Ody

“Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.” -Lou Holtz

Ody Gonzales is our intake specialist at Sasooness Law Group with over 7 years of experience in gathering facts and making critical analyses for different Telco companies. Mr. Gonzales is always recognized as one of the best and top specialists. He’s a tremendous asset to the team. Mr. Gonzales’s optimistic outlook has been positively influencing almost anyone he speaks with. He believes that for us to know more about the person, we need to let them feel that we are eager and sincere to help them.

Outside of work, Mr. Gonzales plays chess. He added, “I started playing chess when I was 6. And since then, I’ve loved involving critical thinking in every decision I make. Like with chess, you need to think hard. Either your moves will help you win or they will be the cause of your loss. ” As a father, Mr. Gonzales enjoys spending quality time with his family. He plays video games, computer games, and basketball with his son. He also loves riding his motorcycle, traveling, and going on vacation with his wife.


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