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An image of Janet Nunes, Case Manager of Sasooness Law Group in Los Angeles, California

Case Manager

Janet Nunez

About Janet

“Never give up because great things take time.”

Janet Nunez has been a pivotal figure in the personal injury pre-litigation sector since 2001, showcasing her ascent from an entry-level role to a seasoned Case Manager. Her extensive experience in personal injury law is marked by a profound commitment to guiding clients through complex legal scenarios with empathy and expertise. Janet’s role in this niche demonstrates her adeptness at handling the intricacies of personal injury cases, making her a trusted advisor in the field. Her career path underscores a deep understanding of the legal system and a dedication to client advocacy in personal injury law.

Furthering her professional development, Janet is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Liberty University, a strategic move to broaden her knowledge and enhance her legal expertise. This academic endeavor complements her practical experience, positioning her as a well-rounded expert in both personal injury and criminal justice. Outside her professional life, Janet values balancing her demanding career with personal fulfillment, prioritizing quality time with family and friends. This holistic approach to life reflects her belief in the interplay of professional excellence and personal well-being, a philosophy that resonates in her approach to both her career and life.


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