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Religious Discrimination

In the United States, every American has the right to freedom of religion. You are allowed to maintain such beliefs under the Constitution, without fear of reprisal or persecution in any capacity from those who do not share the same religious beliefs. Unfortunately, religion is a hot-button issue in this country and it often leads to conflicts between individuals who subscribe to different organized religions.

Healthy debate between those whose beliefs are different from one another is acceptable, but when debate turns to conflict in the workplace and an employer begins to discriminate against an employee who holds religious beliefs that are contradictory, that is both unacceptable and illegal.

You qualify as a victim of religious discrimination when you are mistreated by your employer due to religious affiliation, belief, or membership with an organized religious group. There are stringent laws in place that prevent any employer from treating your differently solely based on your religious views. In the event that you believe your employer has committed such discriminatory acts against you based on your religious affiliation, you have every right to seek damages for losses and pain and suffering you have endured as a result of these actions.

Forms of Religious Discrimination

Religion is an important aspect in most individuals’ lives and freedom of religious subscription and expression must never be infringed upon. It says so in the Constitution, it says so in many federal and state laws with respect to the ways in which employers are expected to treat their workers. Despite these freedoms we all enjoy, many California employees experience religious discrimination in a variety of ways.
You may be singled out on the basis of your chosen religion or perhaps for holding no religious beliefs at all. As a result, you may be denied certain benefits, promotions, wage increases, or even denied work assignments that your co-workers are free to enjoy. You might even be denied employment at a company for your religious beliefs or once you are hired you could be denied training, fringe benefits, or possibly find yourself dismissed from the position as a result of your religious views.
Some religions come with specific traditions and routines that must be practiced in order to maintain your beliefs in that religion. But an employer can discriminate against your views by denying you the right to practice freely in the workplace through refusing to provide suitable accommodations to maintain religious freedom. The law requires that employers permit employees with exemptions and accommodate religious practices as long as these do not present any undue hardship on the employer or the company. Such accommodations might be an exception to the company dress code, a schedule that provides breaks for the employee to pray at certain times of the day, or a reassignment of tasks or duties that do not fall in line with an employee’s religious beliefs.
Religious discrimination is prohibited under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which states that every employee must be free from discrimination in the workplace based on his or her personal religious beliefs or affiliation. Therefore, any employee who is denied a job position, presented with a sub-par compensation package with lesser wages and reduce benefits, or is forced to endure verbal harassment in the workplace due to their religious views is a victim of religious discrimination. He or she has the right to file for damages against their employer to seek out compensation and remuneration for lost wages, lost opportunities, and pain and suffering caused by unjust treatment.

Filing a Religious Discrimination Claim

It’s important to know your rights and understand the ways in which you may exercise them in the workplace. When it comes to religious discrimination, every employee has the right to work in an environment free from bias and injustice solely because they hold different religious beliefs than his or her employer.
If you are the victim of this type of discrimination, you have the right to file a claim against your employer for monetary and non-monetary compensation. But you do not want to go down that road all on your own. Dealing with an employer in a religious discrimination claim can be an extremely contentious and challenging process, one that is designed to work against you when you go into it without some form of legal representation.
There is simply too much on the line for you to go into this claim by yourself. You can be sure that your employer has a battery of defense attorneys and insurance adjusters working for him or her to make sure the company holds absolutely zero legal liability in your claim. That team of lawyers and adjusters are highly-skilled in finding loopholes in the law and using the language to manipulate the employment laws against you and your claim. By the time everything is said and done you could end up with nothing in the way of compensation and a claim that is dismissed outright, leaving you high and dry.
Don’t risk it. Hire the most experienced team of religious discrimination attorneys in California, the team with an exceptional track record in litigating and winning religious discrimination cases for decades. The team with the resources and expertise to take on the big, high-powered defense attorneys and win every time.
That team is the Sassooness Law Group, we have been fighting for the rights of employees whose careers and lives have been marred by the painful persecution that comes with religious discrimination in the workplace for more than twenty years. Don’t stand for the bullying and harassment that is directed at you solely because you have different religious beliefs than your employer and/or co-workers. You have a Constitutional right to freedom of religion and nobody has the right to take that from you in exchange for employment. Fight back and call the Sassooness Law Group today. Get the compensation and benefits you deserve and don’t let your employer take advantage of you.




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