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Pregnancy Discrimination

An employee has the right to plan a family without being discriminated against by her employer for making such a choice. This type of discrimination is particularly ugly and unfair since it targets an employee for her decision to have a child and it can become manifest in a number of ways.

Pregnancy discrimination occurs when your employer discriminates against you in the workplace. This can be experienced when you are the butt of jokes, you are ridiculed, verbally or visibly harassed by an employer or colleagues due to your pregnancy. Discrimination can also be evident in situations where you are passed over for a promotion or a raise or your employer simply fails to offer you fair or equal compensation as your co-workers all because you have chosen to become pregnant.

Should you believe you are the victim of such discrimination, you have the right to protect yourself and seek any damages that might be owed to you in the form of unpaid wages and benefits as well as any other financial damages or personal losses suffered due to the actions of your employer. But don’t expect your employer or the company where you work to just willingly offer you that compensation all because you object to the treatment you are receiving.

What you can expect instead is a team of defense attorneys and experts for hire to stand in your way of receiving even one thin dime from your employer. They are all tasked with making sure your employer has no liability in this matter and, if that happens, you have very little recourse left.

Mounting a pregnancy discrimination claim is a complex road and traveling down that road all by yourself can bring about devastating results where remuneration is concerned. You could end up with far less than you deserve or, worse yet, receive nothing at all. That is why you should always have an expert legal team by your side, one with the experience, know-how, and support team necessary to fight for the compensation you deserve. That legal team is the Sassooness Law Group. We have decades of experience in litigating and, more importantly winning pregnancy discrimination cases for our clients. Our track record speaks for itself, demonstrating the temerity with which we work to protect your rights and get you the highest possible amount of damages.

How to Know if You're a Victim of Pregnancy Discrimination

Believe it or not, despite many laws in place intended to prevent such actions in the workplace, pregnancy discrimination is not just prevalent, it’s one of the most common forms of discrimination cases we litigate on a routine basis.
But since it is illegal under federal and state employment laws, it is sometimes committed in ways that may not always be evident to the victim or co-workers of that victim. Pregnancy discrimination occurs when any employee is treated badly or singled out as a result of being pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
However, while some illegal acts or behaviors are obvious, others may not be so easy to identify when it comes to pregnancy discrimination. Here are some of the most common ways that an employer might  try to harass or marginalize a pregnant employee:

Obvious Signs:

If your employer prevents you from keeping up with your medical appointments by not providing suitable medical leave, denying your reasonable accommodations for your workplace, or giving you work assignments that might prove dangerous to your health or the health of the fetus, these can all be considered obvious and overt methods of discrimination in the workplace.

Subtle Signs:

Perhaps they may not appear so subtle when you realize what is taking place, but any indication that you are being given lesser wages and fewer benefits as your colleagues in similar positions, this lack of compensation by comparison with non-pregnant employees is also a matter of discrimination in the workplace and a direct violation of your rights under federal and state labor laws.
The laws in place to protect you from becoming a victim of pregnancy discrimination in any California workplace are the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), the California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law (PDLL), and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). All of these are in place to ensure that pregnant employees are treated with respect and given their due compensation and rights in the workplace. Should your employer violate any of these laws, you have the right to file a claim against that employer and outline his or her actions in clear detail.
There is specific language in each of these laws that might be tough to interpret without the right legal assistance on your side. You can bet your employer will have plenty of it on his or her side, don’t you want to file your claim on an even playing field?

Filing a Claim

Too many pregnancy discrimination victims try to negotiate with their employers all by themselves, typically with poor results. There are too many people working against you for any negotiation that you attempt on your own to be fruitful. There are defense attorneys working for your employer as well as insurance companies with adjusters who are ready to pore over your claim with a fine tooth comb, ready to poke enough holes in it so that it appears you deserve nothing or almost nothing in damages.
Your employer’s defense team knows the law and understands how to interpret the wording so that it favors their client. Not you. Even worse, you don’t know the law and you have no idea how to interpret it so that you are able to support your claims. But our lawyers at the Sassooness Law Group know the California labor laws inside and out, we know what makes a good interpretation and what fails to meet the standard as expressed by the language of those laws. Our experts are here for you and we’re ready to fight vigorously to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.




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