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Gender Discrimination

Sexism is a serious problem in today’s society and when these views are shared in the workplace resulting in a male or female worker being denied a raise, a promotion, opportunities for advancement within a company or simply refused employment in the first place, that crosses the line from inappropriate behavior to a violation of California employment law.

Simply put, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against any individual based on that person’s gender. Whether that discrimination is demonstrated during the hiring process where the employer places a greater emphasis on the gender of the candidate over all other questions and topics or it is exhibited after the candidate is hired by the company and there exists an obvious or even overt denial of fair wages, bonuses, advancement opportunities, benefits, or promotions due to the gender of that employee.

If you believe you have been the victim of gender discrimination, you have a right to fight for damages and compensation to which you are entitled. But keep in mind, and this part is very important, you should always know that filing a claim in which you are seeking damages from an employer is an exceptionally difficult and contentious undertaking. After all, your employer probably doesn’t think he or she has done anything wrong and they will deny every facet of your claim outright.

Furthermore, your employer is going to fight tooth and nail against your claim and he or she has a litany of smart and sophisticated defense lawyers and insurance adjusters on their side, ready to find every possible vulnerability in your claim and loophole in the employment laws of California in a relentless effort to shield your employer from any liability in this matter.

Let’s face it, you do not know the state labor laws in the way these attorneys do. You are fighting a losing battle before you even enter the contest and you are more likely to walk out of any negotiation with next to nothing, that is if you are awarded any compensation at all. Don’t risk your career and your compensation by going it alone. It’s only fair that you have a sterling legal team on your side to take on the big guys and even the playing field, a team with the expertise and experience to fight for you and win. That team is the Sasooness Law Group, we are dedicated to fighting for our clients’ rights when employers  create any situation that leaves a worker at a competitive and professional disadvantage.

Why it's Important to Speak Up

Gender bias takes place every day and it can happen to both men and women in any work environment, no matter the field, background, or industry. Unfortunately, too many incidents go unreported and victims remain in the dark, unable or unwilling to come forward and report has happened to them. There is a wide range of reasons as to why victims stay quiet about the behavior to which they have been subjected.
For some of these individuals, they may not be aware that they are being discriminated against due to their gender, others may feel ashamed or embarrassed to be victims of this form of discrimination. But the most common reasons why victims refuse to come forward is because they don’t know how to file a claim against their employer, they don’t have the financial resources to initiate such a case and, above all, they are afraid of any retaliation or reprisals they may experience once the claim has been filed.
You have the right to file a claim and to do so without these fears or concerns. If you don’t step up and say something, it’s possible that no one else will. It’s up to you to tell your employer that his or her behavior is not acceptable and, in filing a claim, you are standing up for your rights and the rights of your fellow co-workers who may also the victims of gender discrimination and not realize what is happening.

How to Know if you are a Victim of Gender Discrimination

In order to determine if you are being discriminated against in the workplace based on your gender, you need to be able to identify the methods by which an employer may be guilty of such bias. You can tell you are becoming a victim in both overt and less overt behaviors.

Overt Discrimination

These are somewhat obvious signs that you are being discriminated against in the workplace. You employer makes comments about you, targets you, publicly ridicules you, or simply makes your workplace unbearable based on your gender or the gender you prefer to be referred as.

Covert Discrimination

This is a bit tougher to identify, as your employer may act friendly and pleasant towards you in person but refuses to allow you to enjoy the compensation, benefits, and opportunities for advancement that your co-workers enjoy within the company.
It can be tough to pinpoint or even prove these actions. But if you believe you are being discriminated against due to your gender, you have a right to file a claim for damages against your employer and to do so with the best possible legal team in your corner. The Sasooness Law Group has been taking on gender discrimination cases for decades with a proven track record of success. Contact one of our expert attorneys today and tell us how we can help you fight gender bias in your workplace.




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