The rate of bicyclists who have been killed in roadway accidents has continued to rise over the past decade. A 6.3 percent rise in deaths occurred from 2017 to 2018 with a record total of 857 cyclists losing their lives in accidents on the road, the highest number in three decades.

Reasons for a Bicycle Accident

Lack of space yielded by drivers to bicyclists has resulted in deadly consequences. Road negligence often leads to cyclist collisions. To prevent accidents, vigilance is essential from both drivers and bicyclists, as conflicts between cars and bikes generally result in severe outcomes for cyclists.

Roads should be safe for everyone, yet accidents arise when responsibilities are ignored. Several factors lead to these incidents, including speeding, disregarding traffic laws, skipping crosswalks, adverse weather conditions, poor visibility, and insufficient separation between cars and bicycles in traffic.

The use of alcohol and drugs drastically increases accident risks, with intoxication contributing to over a third of fatal bicycle accidents. This highlights the paramount importance of sobriety for all road users to prevent tragedies like the Bicycle Accident in Beverly Hills, CA.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Cycling incidents can lead to a spectrum of injuries, from minor scrapes to severe conditions such as head and spinal injuries, or even paralysis. It’s imperative for anyone involved in a bicycle accident, particularly incidents like the Bicycle Accident in Beverly Hills, CA, to seek immediate medical evaluation. Symptoms may not be apparent immediately but can escalate into significant health concerns and financial strain due to medical bills.

To safeguard your health and financial well-being, it’s essential to practice road safety diligently. Motor vehicle drivers have a duty to navigate safely, avoiding risks to cyclists. For cyclists, implementing preventative safety measures is crucial:
Helmet Safety
A helmet is your first line of defense against severe head injuries during a crash.
Signal Use
Utilize hand signals to convey your next moves to fellow road users, crucial for preventing misunderstandings and accidents.
Enhanced Visibility
Outfit your bicycle with necessary lights and mirrors to improve your visibility on the road, critical for safe navigation and avoiding accidents.
Obey the rules of the road
Respect traffic rules by riding in the direction of traffic, executing safe turns, and overtaking with caution.
Avoid distractions
Stay focused on the road. Avoid using mobile devices as they significantly increase the risk of accidents.
In The Event of an Accident

If you are involved in a bicycle accident, what you do and say next can have a serious impact on any claim you might decide to file should you be entitled to damages due to negligence on the part of others.

You should proceed carefully after an accident. For starters, be sure to check if you have suffered any injuries. Even small lacerations can become larger concerns if they become infected. Neck and back trauma may not reveal themselves at first, but you could experience pain shortly afterward. In any event, seek our medical attention for any injuries that you may have sustained.

For accidents where there are one or more parties with severe injuries, dial 911 and wait for help to arrive. A police report should also be completed detailing the facts of the accident. You should also get the information of the driver behind the wheel of the vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident. This includes name(s), insurance information, license plate numbers, and so on.

Above all, do not admit wrongdoing. Do not apologize to anyone, do not take fault for what has occurred. Simply stick to the details of the incident when speaking with the driver and/or law enforcement.

How to behave after an accident

If you are ever involved in a car accident, what you do and say can have a major effect on your ability to get the compensation you deserve for any injuries you may have sustained.

Remain calm

First and foremost, avoid panic. Ensure your safety and that of any passengers by calmly exiting the vehicle if it’s safe to do so.

Check for injuries

If you are not hurt, conduct a quick self-check for injuries, and do the same for any passengers.

Call 911

This is essential if you or anyone else on the scene has been injured, but if there are no injured parties have the police come out to the accident location. You may want to have a police report filled out which can outline the details of the scene.

Exchange information

Collect contact and insurance information from all involved drivers. Witness accounts can also be invaluable, so gather their contact details too.

Gather evidence

Use your smartphone to take comprehensive photos of the accident site, including all vehicles, traffic patterns, signage, and road conditions.

Having ample evidence bolsters your case, enhancing your chances of receiving full compensation for injuries sustained in car or bicycle accidents, such as those occurring in Beverly Hills, CA. Insurance companies may challenge your claim, offering lower settlements. Therefore, enlisting an experienced personal injury attorney, specializing in car accident cases, is advisable to navigate these disputes effectively.

Filing a Claim

Have you or someone close to you been injured due to another driver’s negligence? You could be eligible for financial compensation covering medical bills, property damage, and emotional distress. Initiating a claim promptly can significantly increase your chances of obtaining the full compensation you’re entitled to. It’s important to note, however, that insurance companies often aim to minimize payouts as much as possible.

Negotiating directly with insurance providers can be a daunting and often unrewarding task. This is why securing the services of an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial. They have the expertise to advocate for your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. While there’s a window of up to two years to file an accident claim, any delay could adversely affect the outcome of your compensation.

Don’t let the opportunity for fair compensation slip through your fingers by dealing with insurance companies alone. Engage with a seasoned personal injury lawyer today to protect your rights and maximize your compensation. Remember, time is of the essence—start the process now to enhance your chances of a successful claim.

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