“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi

Steven Ortiz is the litigation attorney for Sasooness Law Group. Mr. Ortiz graduated Magna Cum Laude from Whittier School of Law with a specialty certificate in trial and appellate practice. Prior to law school, he received his undergraduate education in Political Science from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Mr. Ortiz has experience handling all types of personal injury cases, including sexual assault, medical malpractice, premise liability, and motor vehicle accidents. During his time in law school, he was a law clerk at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office working alongside the District Attorney preparing cases for trial and arguing motions. He was inspired to become an attorney following his inclination to help others and be a protector of those who cannot defend themselves.

He is a strong believer in discipline and hard work. He starts his day at 4:30 AM and does not stop until his clients receive what they deserve. Mr. Ortiz is an advocate of good work-life balance and in his off time he enjoys traveling, spending time with his friends, and staying active in the gym.